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Hey there!


Thank you and WELCOME! We’re so excited you’re here 🎉

We are Alex and Eliza 🧡 – the team behind Feather Touch.
We are sisters and best friends!
We have a menagerie of cats and dogs between us 🐾  – one of our older gentlemen cats has been with us for 17 years. He’s a Burmese named Fig.

  • We both love science fiction + fantasy novels and films 🧝‍♀️ 

We also love bringing our clients goals to life via cosmetic tattoo and skin treatments.

We’ve clocked hundreds of hours of ongoing training and have delivered our experience to over 1000 clients in the last three years and we can’t wait to meet you too 💚

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We’re Experienced in Helping You Feel Beautiful

We both started on a journey of looking for more in life, while our mother declined into Dementia. This was the catalyst that created our bond & our need to do more & be more in this world. We lost our father while we were children & our relationship became unshakable while forged in the fires of caring for our mother.

We chose to allow these experiences to turn into place of growth, we decided life is too short & precious to wait for it turn out how want, we decided to make it happen.

Our Brow History was filled with with over plucking, chronic illness, long & unruly hairs, that just loved to curl, just google Welsh Man brows..

The reason we created FTA is the change we experienced after our brows were tattooed.  It changed everything about the way I saw myself;  feeling empowered about how I looked. I didn’t even realise until this point how much I was affected by my brows


It was a whisper in my intuition to create this business, we all have a special gift we can bring to this world, even if you just take the time to bring a smile to someone’s day.

Take this as a reminder that the Universe has your back, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, the path you are on, if you allow it, is opening doors for your future beyond your wildest imagination.

Remember – you are a special gift to this world – a one time event.

Regardless of age or background, everyone deserves to feel comfortable with the skin, they’re in and the life they have created- including you!

Self love and self care know, no bounds and can mean totally different things for you.

Life is too short and only getting shorter to be to worrying about this stuff – so let us take that worry from you and give you the confidence you deserve. We only know all too well how life changing this is.

our values

Our Promise To You

If you have any questions about the products we sell, the suppliers we use, the services we offer: please never hesitate to ask any of us anytime. If you have any suggestions for us on how we can improve as a business, any of our services or product offerings – please don’t keep it a secret! Let us know: we might even reward you!

OUR MISSION: At Feather Touch Aesthetics we want every person to feel like they are right at home when visiting FTA.

We aim for every client to be comfortable and confident with their skin/lips/brows and feel ready to conquer their world!

OUR VISION: We aim to be the premier destination for people from all walks of life to receive world class brow, lip and skin treatments and therapies. We believe the way we will make this happen is by rigorously adhering to our FTA promise –

1. To provide timely, polite, intelligent and approachable service, every time.

2. To consider each client as more than a customer, rather: a valued member of our FTA family

3. To model all our operations, services and products with the client at the centre – ‘’to always be customer centric’

4. To travel, research, and learn from the foremost masters in each field throughout the world, and bring these practices to FTA for the benefit of our clients and the offerings we able to provide at FTA.

5. Whilst championing the above always, never losing sight of the most very important vision of all: always have fun

First time visit and has met all my expectations! Alex not only created their beautiful website but is also doing exact what she’s talking about. I felt that Alex has such caring and professional hands with great passion, only I needed to do was relaxing and enjoying on the treatment table! Of cause I had a big smile 😊 on my face when the session finished. No any hesitation, this is a 5 stars business, happy to share my experiences and recommendation.

Jenny C
PMU Client