Hydrators – A ‘how to’ guide.

Immortal cream: Cutting edge super-antioxidants and potent concentrations of V8 Peptide Complex® make this age defying cream a five star anti-aging treatment. Fortified with mega doses of Vitamin C it works to awaken and hydrate the skin assist relaxation of muscles and help to reverse and diminish the signs of aging whilst providing a feeling of instant lift. Never ending youth! ;Perfect for assisting line and wrinkle relaxation age prevention super hydration youth and radiance.

This is your perfect I want to hit pause on my ageing cream and if you use fillers it may assist in prolonging time between appointments. Perfect day and night (add some Youth Activating Oil at night during winter for the perfect indulgence)

Recovery Cream: Specifically formulated to support the skin’s repair mechanism help restore its protective barrier and dramatically assist reduction of inflammation. This super-comforting yet ultra-powered age defying cream has been fortified with potent antioxidants which gives a “volumising effect without surgery” and ultimate skin radiance. V8 Peptide Complex™ ensures skin is super hydrated protected and comforted. Best seller! Perfect for assisting weakened reactive skins looking for youth and radiance

Rebalancing Cream: This light-weight oil free lotion offers a unique blend of ingredients designed specifically for problematic skin. Targeting bacteria excessive sebum production and build up on the skin’s surface daily application will aid in improving the skin’s condition. V8 Peptide Complex® ensures skin is left rebalanced and refreshed. Skin blessing! Perfect for assisting problematic and/or hormonally challenged skins showing signs of breakout oil imbalance and congestion. Favourite for guys.

Comfort Cream: TLC in a jar! As the name suggests this treatment hydrator provides total comfort and skin barrier repair for even the most compromised skins. Containing precious oils EFA’s super antioxidants intense hydrators and V8 Peptide Complex® this luxurious textured treatment hydrator will not only heal protect hydrate and repair but also go into battle against UV stress and signs of aging. Cosmedical luxe! Perfect for all normal dehydrated dry sensitive compromised damaged and aging skins.

Medisoothe: Medi-Soothe is formulated to assist calming and soothing, reduce skin redness and increase barrier repair associated with skin irritation. A skin saviour post IPL, Laser, aggressive skin treatments, after waxing and shaving, overexposure to sun and skins showing signs of unhappiness. Comes in travel size also!

Hydra Sleep in Mask: Hydra Plus Sleep-In Mask offers superior hydration benefits to support healthy skin function. Enhanced with V8 Peptide ComplexREG for ultimate anti-aging support. Sleep and reap!

Brow Lamination | Perfectly Groomable Brows 24/7

If you’re tired of unruly brows that never sit in the place you want, some grow longer, short, curly or coarse, or you want the perfect finish without using brow soap/gel, then Brow Lamination is for you!

The perfect solution for those wanting to manage their brow hair easier, fill in gaps and have the fluff you’ve always dreamed of!

For Brow Lamination, you’ll need to have some brow hair, on each side but you will be surprised at what we can with small amounts. It’s the perrrrfect alternative for those who don’t want to commit to Cosmetic Tattoo and is pain free with no down time – it’s also perfect for those who already have tattoo and want to fluff their brows up!

A solution is applied to the brow which allows the hair to be groomed into the desirable shape – we can only move the direction by about 40 degrees, but this is often enough to fill in any gaps you have!

We then apply a setting solution to the area, and let this set in the new direction we have created! Followed up with a shaping and Hybrid tint, which can leave a skin stain for up to two weeks. Leaving you with perfectly groomable brows – this is a great treatment for those who struggle to sit their hairs into shape, have coarse and curly hair.

The treatment generally takes about 40 minutes.

Your new brows will save you time in the morning for up two months!

For the following 24 hours your brows must be kept away from steam – no exercising or washing your hair. Upkeep is brushing your brows daily with a spoolie and we’ll provide you in your first appointment with a nourishing oil to help condition the brows.

You can contact us today to see how this treatment can work for you!

Brow Lamination salon near me


Brow Lamination & Hybrid Tint

Brow Lamination salon near me


Brow Lamination & Hybrid Tint

Brow Lamination salon near me


Brow Lamination & Hybrid Tint

Brow Lamination Hobart


Lash Lift & Tint + Brow Lamination & Hybrid Tint


The only Facial you’ll ever need again

We’ve all heard horror stories of peels.

Images of red skin, flaking in swathes and not being able to leave the house for at least a week all come to mind.

Which is the total opposite of what we all want – Which is to feel good in the skin we have and not suffer for it and to be able to trust the products we are using will deliver on their promises.

Enzyme treatments are peels (we also have peptide and retinoid based peels) and are used to chemically exfoliate the skin and get your cells talking to each other correctly again. Which peels we use on you depends on your goals and skin issues. We believe in a Corneotherapy approach – not just throwing products at your face and hoping they fix it but we look at the big picture and deeper into how we can help target your problems with tailored and tested methods.

Exfoliation – we have our favourite way of doing this. Mine used to be scrubbing my face as it felt oily. Scrubbing morning and night, believing that healthy skin wasn’t something I could look forward to, that my thyroid was going to prevent me from feeling good in my skin. Large pores, dry and oily skin and sensitive to what felt like everything. There are so many products out there it can be impossible to figure out what you need and what is going on with your skin and after being literally burnt by so many products, it can be scary to even think about trying out some new products or treatments with the word peel in them. Literally the last thing your skin needs right?

We exfoliate to remove dead skin, prevent break outs and keep skin looking its best, when we over exfoliate we compromise the skin. Once we start over exfoliating the skin starts to get worse, and you can experience increased flakeyness, overly smooth and tight skin, increased sensitivity, more breakouts and feeling of rawness, excess oil production and looking older! This is what can scare many people away from peels and using chemical peels at home. Chemical peels are my favourite at home treatment to keep the skin journey going! More on these in another post.

The O Cosmedics Pro Dermal range we use are based on medical strength actives, pure, chiral ingredients, biomimetic and encapsulated carriers, these Pro. Dermal Planning treatments offer intense skin changing results, skin youth, health and radiance. People generally do not notice any down time with most of the refinement treatments we offer in studio – couple these treatments with home care (hydration, SPF and your ABC’s (Retinol, B3 and Vitamin C) and you will be loving the skin you’re in everyday, all day. I didn’t think this was something I would be able to say myself but now feel my skin glows and I have confidence 24/7 and the skills and products to combat any little blips on the way! I have managed to reverse a lot of damage done to my skin, not only does it look and feel healthier it looks younger and brighter, my pores are clearer and not so large and I can effectively manage my breakouts (stopping sugar is another problem of itself), I honestly can’t believe it.

O Cosmedics is the range we use without peels and home care – this range is lovingly created to be cruelty free, vegan and gluten free and made in Australia with the Australian climate and skin challenges in mind.

Even if you have the most sensitive of skin, rosacea or wrinkles you believe make it too late to love and feel confident in your skin, then it’s time to think again, ask us how we can help you feel beautiful in your skin.

anti ageing hobart
Taken 15 minutes apart – our Party/Oxygen Peel in action! Instantly plumper skin

Am I suitable for Microblading?

What is the difference between powder brow, microblading, combo brows?

We get it – it’s super confusing trying to figure out what might be the best option for you and what options are even available. We’ll break it down below on how each treatment works and who it’s suitable for! We have a great infographic at the bottom to finish with!


Microblading involves inking individual, tiny, strokes into your skin. Using a hand tool equipped with microblades, pigment is drawn directly into your skin. The resulting brows last from twelve months to two years and the procedure takes approximately two hours. Not all skin types are candidates for Microblading unlike powder brows – the perfect candidate has dry/normal skin which is healthy and strong and generally looking to fill in existing brows. If oilier skin opts for Microblading the result can last from 4-6 months only. Generally we would recommend a combo brow or powder if your skin is oily.

Powder Brow/Ombre/Mist

Powder brow uses a cosmetic tattoo machine to insert pigment into the outer layer of your skin to create a look similar to brow powder/make up. Powder brows is perfect for oilier skin types/bigger pores, certain health conditions, older skin and those who love sun, redheads and those with darker toned skin. The two styles (microblading and powder) can be combined for a more complete look. Powder brow is generally more suitable for more skin types and level of skin health. Generally lasting up to 18/24 months before a colour boost is required.

Combination Brows

Combo Brows is the two styles together, this can be created in a few ways, generally layering the powder and microblading with varying levels of saturation. This means the brow may have a focus on microblading with a soft powder or a strong powder body with microblading at the front only. Generally lasting up to 18 months before a colour boost is required.

Cover Up of Work done elsewhere

Cover ups are not always something we can work with – we require a photo of your brows before booking or an in person consult to ensure we can work the area. Sometimes a little removal is needed or a lot, it depends on the work that’s there and your goals.

You can see in the picture below – we’ve worked over older microblading that was too deep in the skin and had turned blue , the shape was sitting outside of the natural brow area and this client isn’t what we would deem a viable candidate for Microblading only – oilier skin with pores will blur the microblading and not heal and look aesthetically pleasing – this is why we refuse to only microblade anyone who isn’t a candidate – we care about how your brows look AFTER you leave your appointment and how they’re going to look 2 years later.

We redesigned the shape, and covered the work with a heavy powder brow and some space out strokes only at the front – to leave room for the strokes spread (as they do in oily skin). We’ve also undertaken some saline removal for the parts of the brow that are outside the shape we have created and this will remove the pigment that’s sitting there. Most cover ups will be converting to a powder brow to achieve the results that will last.

We create bespoke brows so what this means is we give you exactly what you need based on your skin, lifestyle, makeup usage, and overall aesthetic.

We offer zero obligation and no cost consultations to ensure we can exceed your goals, enhance your natural beauty and are the right artists for you! Contact us to secure one to have a chat!

Hot date ready in under 1 hour.

Have you treated yourself yet to a Feather Touch Deluxe Dermaplane Facial?

Exclusive to Feather Touch located in Moonah, Hobart – is our in clinic Emergin C range – we use this in conjunction with our Dermaplaning treatments.

Many A-List Hollywood celebrities including Jennifer Anniston, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Matt Damon, Oprah and, Brad Pitt are also loyal followers of emerginC’s range of products for good reason.

It’s this gorgeous cocktail of dermaplaning and EmerginC products that give our clients their super supple and pump skin that leaves them touching their face in awe as they leave their appointment.

Two incredible masks that when used in tandem cover all skin needs giving you that hot date ready look!

No lumps or bumps or weird skin after thanks to the Retinol and Vitamin C Mask – An intensive clay-based mask that gives noticeable results from just one application. Removes dead skin cells, evens out skin tone and leaves skin glowing

Following this up with the Hyper Revitaliser Mask – soothing facial mask reduces redness & restores vitality to skin, unveiling a calmer, softer, smoother & healthier looking complexion.

We follow this up with the hyper revitaliser cream which Fights free radical damage, acts as an anti-inflammatory cellular energizer, hydrates, and improves skin tone and texture. 

EmerginC source their ingredients ethically and sustainably wherever possible and include fair trade ingredients in their formulas. 

3 pore & pimple habits that are making your skin worse.

The true beauty of an individual lies in self-confidence. We celebrate its potency; write about it, sing about it and succumb to its allure. As an individual you’ll know the condition of your skin takes a lead role in determining your self-confidence. With confidence comes empowerment. O Cosmedics lays the foundation for timeless beauty and gives you the chance to show your true beauty.

Pore Myth 1: Your nose is covered in blackheads.

Most clients we see think they are covered in black heads, while this is so true for some, it’s not for most. The enlarged and darker spots on your T-Zone and other oilier areas are most likely going to be sebaceous filaments, which are sebum, bacteria, dead skin and a hair that are sitting in a pore. Everyone has them but some are more visible than others. I know mine were huge before I understood what I was trying clear and with time they have become clearer – praise be microneedling and potent clearing serum. 

Pore Myth 2: Pores can be “shrunk.”

Pores are unable to be “shrunk” – the appearance of the pores can be minimised with good hydration which keeps skin plump and using products tailored to your goals. The flip side of this is you can’t shrink your pores but boy oh boy can you stretch them – if you’re using peel off masks/nose strips then please stop, while it looks cool pulling gunk out, you’re causing trauma to the pore and can make them become larger. Avoid squeezing and picking too as this can permanently enlarge your pores. Using chemical exfoliates is the key and we will get into this more.

Pore Myth 3: Pores open and close.

Pores do not open and close. The idea that a warm washcloth or steam treatment will “open” your pores to allow products to penetrate more deeply is a myth. And the idea that a splash of cold water or a toner will “close” your pores is also a myth.

The best thing you can do to make your pores look smaller and your face clearer is to regularly clean out your pores. So let’s find out how! This treatment plan also works on pimples – the reason we recommend treating pimples this way, is those nasty white heads that just creep on up and scream POP ME! are actually your white blood cells coming to the rescue as infection has been identified by your body.

So when you’re there squeezing away in the mirror, you’re actually fighting your bodies immune response. This is why they keep comin’ back no matter how many times you dig in – NOT because there is more “puss” inside. This is your body’s immune system and it’s working for a reason.  One more time for the people in the back – THERE IS NO PUSS IN YOUR PIMPLE.

More concerning is when you’re opening up that skin, you’re opening the wound to UV – you get those red marks that take eternity to fade? That’s UV damage to your skin.

We have a way to tackle these skin concerns that mean you can step away from the pimple and pore popping and tackle these bad boys deeper in your skin and before they become a concern and mark you for years meaning you can have clear and healthy skin.

This brings us to the O Cosmedics home care for your skin. This can only be organised by prescription in studio for your skin needs – these products are the holy grail in skin care.

Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser:

A gentle daily facial cleanser strengthened with powerful antioxidants. Suitable for all skin types including reactive and rosacea skins post peel laser and surgery cleansing. Fortified with anti-pollutant boosters that trap and remove dirt and excess sebum. V8 Peptide Complex® leaves the skin super hydrated and refreshed. A daily must have! Perfect for all skin types including the most compromised. Perfect to use with our Skin Shammys and Sonic Cleansing Brush!

Corrective Cleanser and Peel

corrective cleanser and mild-peel in one which purifies and thoroughly frees your skin of embedded dirt makeup excess sebum and damaging pollutants. High-powered L-Lactic and encapsulated Salicylic Acids (death for dirty pores) gently exfoliate dead skin cells unclogs congested pores and discouraging impurities – I use this every night and once a week leave it on for an extra 5 minutes to induce a deeper cleanse and peeling effect.

3 – IN – 1 Fruit Peel Mask:

A unique 3 in 1 Fruit Peel Mask and Gommage that exfoliates using a whopping 18% of fruit enzymes by releasing redundant cells and stimulating new healthy cells promoting a healthy smooth hydrated and radiant skin. One easy step three great benefits. Triple Treat! Perfect for all skin types when applied as a mask. Do not gommage red inflamed skins. This can be mixed with your Cleanser for added skin help or left on one to two times a week. I use it for some me time with a cup of vitality tea, ensuring I take a small bit of time just for me.

Potent Clearing Serum:

Not one but four potent actives that control breakouts and diminish the appearance of scarring. Encapsulated Salicylic Acid and L-Lactic Acid exfoliate the skin (inside and out) and encourage cell turnover whilst powerful botanicals support the reduction of inflammation. V8 Peptide Complex® ensures skin is left super hydrated and rebalanced. Life saver! Perfect for breakouts congestion and even ingrown hairs. My skin would be a wreck without this – I use it as an all over treatment but a lot of clients just use this as a spot treatment or where their pores are concerned. Cleaning them inside to out, busting the sebum, gunk and build up to smithereens.

Rebalancing Cream:

This light-weight oil free lotion offers a unique blend of ingredients designed specifically for problematic skin. Targeting bacteria excessive sebum production and build up on the skin’s surface daily application will aid in improving the skin’s condition. V8 Peptide Complex® ensures skin is left rebalanced and refreshed. Skin blessing! Perfect for assisting problematic and/or hormonally challenged skins showing signs of breakout oil imbalance and congestion. Favourite for guys.


O Skin – Inject Derma Roller:

Instead of using steam to clear out your skin and get your products to penetrate deeper (Because that is a total myth!) we recommend the roller to help your products get deeper!

O COSMEDICS SKIN-INJECT MTS (Micro-Needling Therapy System) Derma Roller (0.25mm) utilises 600 gamma-sterilised, micro-needles to effectively and visibly rejuvenate and regenerate the skin’s own natural healing response. The independently rotating disks with advanced silicon suspension system provide the most comfortable and beneficial treatment possible, whilst reducing procedure downtime.

O COSMEDICS Skin-Inject MTS Derma Roller supports:

  • CIT Collagen Induction Therapy
  • SRT Scar Reduction Therapy
  • Cosmedical Product Infusion
  • Skin Aging
  • Lines and Wrinkles
  • Acne and Pimples
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Pigmentation
  • Body Stretch Marks
  • Refreshed, Revived and Awakened Complexion


B3 Plus – My favourite product currently.

Boosts the skin’s immune system treats hyper pigmentation acne rosacea and is a vital source of cell energy optimising cellular communication and reinforcing skins barrier functions. A perfect treatment for acne hyper pigmentation and rosacea. All skins looking to improve their immune function induce skin health and radiance even out skin tone improve skin texture and protection will be addicted to this serum. Boosts skin’s immunity! Perfect for all skins especially acne hyper pigmentation and rosacea.

Ageing is so last year; kick it to the curb and empower yourself with healthy, youthful, radiant skin. Speak to your skin specialist today.