Brow Shaping & Grooming Specialists

What actually happens in a Brow appointment? 🤔

We start by running through a consultation, learning about your goals, and overall style you’re after.

With this information, we come up with a plan; from how we’re growing the brow back where needed, how we can shape & style – which covers the design process.

We map & draw out what we’re planning in your 1st session, so you can clearly see which hairs will be removed, included or left out of the dye. All for your tick of approval prior.

We custom blend the colour to your goals, & take our time perfecting this in the first session, we then record this information so when we see you next we can whip up your custom brows quickly.

We use a hybrid dye, which allows us to get this skin stain; on dryer skin it will last from 7-10 days. Oiler skin, is usually less. The hairs however, remained dyed for up to 6-8 weeks.

We allow 1 hour for your first brow shaping & dye appointment with us, so we can ensure your brows are created uniquely as you are. We never remove any hairs or make any changes without you seeing the big picture, this hour allows us a thorough consultation to ensure we can exceed your goals.
If you’re looking for a little brow revamp, or have cosmetic tattoo which is too early for a refresh but needs some loving, this is the perfect treatment for you.

You can book online via our bio. 💚

Pictured: Brow Shaping & Hybrid Dye, by Alex.
Using Chesnut & Brown Dye.

Brow Revamp with one of our Brow Specialists

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