Dermapen - Microneedling

The Classic Dermapen

Includes your full face, eyelids & lips.

A Dermapen treatment for your face, eyes, lips, neck & décolletage, customised to your goals which may be one or all of the following:

Acne /  kills acne-causing bacteria by allowing oxygen to enter skin.  Scars are reduced, reduces active & future breakout.  

Ageing / reduces wrinkle depth, triggers production of new collagen for line-softening, firming & rejuvenating. 

/ breaks up & removes excess pigment.  Infuses pigment-regulators to even tone, brighten & whiten. 

/ removes damaged blood vessels, builds stronger new ones.  Ideal for rosacea, broken capillaries, thin or sensitive skin.  

Glass + Glow
/ increases all skin cell functions for a glowing, radiant glass-skin look.  Suitable for anyone, even if you have no ‘concerns’ but want to glow brighter & maintain youthful freshness.

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