Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo


What is it?

Just imagine; no more smudged eyeliner and no more unsightly smears. Just a perfect line that defines your eyes whilst enhancing your natural colouring.

As one of Tasmania’s leading permanent eyeliner artists, Alex can help you achieve your perfect look. Firstly we will help you decide on your ideal shade. From the bold look of intense black to subtle shades of grey and olive, your choice will be tailored to compliment your skin tone and eye-colour perfectly. I’ll then apply the shade between each eyelash, building your permanent eyeliner corner to corner, before tapering the ends for a delicate yet elegant finish.

How is it done?

Your artist will use a machine to permanently implant pigment into the eyelid skin after numbing thoroughly. The colour will be tattooed into the lash line and above the lashes for a result that brings your eyes forward and makes them stand out. The liner is pre-drawn to show you what the outcome will like like. Lash Enhancements do not require any predraw as the colour is placed only within the lashes.
We help you organise a topical anesthetic, which is applied for 10 minutes before starting. During the appointment, the gel can be applied again to keep you comfortable. Most clients feel no pain, reporting only a weird sensation from the vibration. Some even fall asleep during the appointment.

Does it hurt?

How do you determine design?

The eyeliner will be designed to your request-bold, natural or subtle. The choice is yours. We will work with you to achieve a look that best suits your lifestyle and needs.
Eyelash extensions must be removed prior to eyeliner treatment. They can be reapplied after two weeks.

I'm wearing eyelash extensions?

I'm using a lash growth serum?

The use of any lash growth serum must be ceased, 8 weeks prior to prevent any migration of colour + bruising.

What is the recovery time and what can I expect after the treatment?

The eyes will will be puffy for approximately 3 days post procedure. You can cold compress immediately after the procedure to greatly reduce swelling. Most swelling will go away by day 4.

Can I workout and wear eye makeup after the procedure?

No. Working out can cause swelling and is not allowed for 1 week post procedure to ensure beautifully healed results. Makeup application must be avoided for one week to avoid any bacterial buildup in the area and prevent the risk of infection.

What are the aftercare instructions?

For one week post treatment, it is important to clean the area daily and apply the provided aftercare gel to promote healing. Cold compress should be applied for a minimum of 1 hour to reduce swelling immediately after the procedure.

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What Our Beautiful & Happy Clients Say About Us

Eliza was so patient and understanding with me and my indecisiveness. She made me feel so comfortable and in the end I love my new brows! So happy I made the decision to get it done and I'm thankful to feather touch for helping my brow goals come true!

A•lex Wolf

The girls that work here are great at what they do. I’ve been in for lash lifts, brow laminations, and skin tints with both Alex and Kate. Each time I’ve left glowing. They really know how to frame your face and make the right features pop! I’m always so impressed by the results and the service is fantastic. Highly recommend, especially for first timers who are unsure of change!

Courtney Quinn

Flair is the best hair and beauty salon in Alex has transformed my skin! I initially went for microblading and became a loyal and regular customer. I can’t thank Alex enough for how she has helped my skin and my confidence. Alex and Eliza just have the most beautiful energy and environment. I couldn’t recommend them more highly!city, hands down! I've been to many salons, but none of them had the same professionalism and touch as Isabella's team. Highly recommended.

Briarna Hughes


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