The only Facial you’ll ever need again

We’ve all heard horror stories of peels.

Images of red skin, flaking in swathes and not being able to leave the house for at least a week all come to mind.

Which is the total opposite of what we all want – Which is to feel good in the skin we have and not suffer for it and to be able to trust the products we are using will deliver on their promises.

Enzyme treatments are peels (we also have peptide and retinoid based peels) and are used to chemically exfoliate the skin and get your cells talking to each other correctly again. Which peels we use on you depends on your goals and skin issues. We believe in a Corneotherapy approach – not just throwing products at your face and hoping they fix it but we look at the big picture and deeper into how we can help target your problems with tailored and tested methods.

Exfoliation – we have our favourite way of doing this. Mine used to be scrubbing my face as it felt oily. Scrubbing morning and night, believing that healthy skin wasn’t something I could look forward to, that my thyroid was going to prevent me from feeling good in my skin. Large pores, dry and oily skin and sensitive to what felt like everything. There are so many products out there it can be impossible to figure out what you need and what is going on with your skin and after being literally burnt by so many products, it can be scary to even think about trying out some new products or treatments with the word peel in them. Literally the last thing your skin needs right?

We exfoliate to remove dead skin, prevent break outs and keep skin looking its best, when we over exfoliate we compromise the skin. Once we start over exfoliating the skin starts to get worse, and you can experience increased flakeyness, overly smooth and tight skin, increased sensitivity, more breakouts and feeling of rawness, excess oil production and looking older! This is what can scare many people away from peels and using chemical peels at home. Chemical peels are my favourite at home treatment to keep the skin journey going! More on these in another post.

The O Cosmedics Pro Dermal range we use are based on medical strength actives, pure, chiral ingredients, biomimetic and encapsulated carriers, these Pro. Dermal Planning treatments offer intense skin changing results, skin youth, health and radiance. People generally do not notice any down time with most of the refinement treatments we offer in studio – couple these treatments with home care (hydration, SPF and your ABC’s (Retinol, B3 and Vitamin C) and you will be loving the skin you’re in everyday, all day. I didn’t think this was something I would be able to say myself but now feel my skin glows and I have confidence 24/7 and the skills and products to combat any little blips on the way! I have managed to reverse a lot of damage done to my skin, not only does it look and feel healthier it looks younger and brighter, my pores are clearer and not so large and I can effectively manage my breakouts (stopping sugar is another problem of itself), I honestly can’t believe it.

O Cosmedics is the range we use without peels and home care – this range is lovingly created to be cruelty free, vegan and gluten free and made in Australia with the Australian climate and skin challenges in mind.

Even if you have the most sensitive of skin, rosacea or wrinkles you believe make it too late to love and feel confident in your skin, then it’s time to think again, ask us how we can help you feel beautiful in your skin.

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Taken 15 minutes apart – our Party/Oxygen Peel in action! Instantly plumper skin