Am I suitable for Microblading?

What is the difference between powder brow, microblading, combo brows?

We get it – it’s super confusing trying to figure out what might be the best option for you and what options are even available. We’ll break it down below on how each treatment works and who it’s suitable for! We have a great infographic at the bottom to finish with!


Microblading involves inking individual, tiny, strokes into your skin. Using a hand tool equipped with microblades, pigment is drawn directly into your skin. The resulting brows last from twelve months to two years and the procedure takes approximately two hours. Not all skin types are candidates for Microblading unlike powder brows – the perfect candidate has dry/normal skin which is healthy and strong and generally looking to fill in existing brows. If oilier skin opts for Microblading the result can last from 4-6 months only. Generally we would recommend a combo brow or powder if your skin is oily.

Powder Brow/Ombre/Mist

Powder brow uses a cosmetic tattoo machine to insert pigment into the outer layer of your skin to create a look similar to brow powder/make up. Powder brows is perfect for oilier skin types/bigger pores, certain health conditions, older skin and those who love sun, redheads and those with darker toned skin. The two styles (microblading and powder) can be combined for a more complete look. Powder brow is generally more suitable for more skin types and level of skin health. Generally lasting up to 18/24 months before a colour boost is required.

Combination Brows

Combo Brows is the two styles together, this can be created in a few ways, generally layering the powder and microblading with varying levels of saturation. This means the brow may have a focus on microblading with a soft powder or a strong powder body with microblading at the only. Generally lasting up to 18 months before a colour boost is required.

Cover Up of Work done elsewhere

Cover ups are not always something we can work with – we require a photo of your brows before booking or an in person consult to ensure we can work the area. Sometimes a little removal is needed or a lot, it depends on the work that’s there and your goals.

You can see in the picture below – we’ve worked over older microblading that was too deep in the skin and had turned blue , the shape was sitting outside of the natural brow area and this client isn’t what we would deem a viable candidate for Microblading only – oilier skin with pores will blur the microblading and not heal and look aesthetically pleasing – this is why we refuse to only microblade anyone who isn’t a candidate – we care about how your brows look AFTER you leave your appointment and how they’re going to look 2 years later.

We redesigned the shape, and covered the work with a heavy powder brow and some space out strokes only at the front – to leave room for the strokes spread (as they do in oily skin). We’ve also undertaken some saline removal for the parts of the brow that are outside the shape we have created and this will remove the pigment that’s sitting there. Most cover ups will be converting to a powder brow to achieve the results that will last.

We create bespoke brows so what this means is we give you exactly what you need based on your skin, lifestyle, makeup usage, and overall aesthetic.

We offer zero obligation and no cost consultations to ensure we can exceed your goals, enhance your natural beauty and are the right artists for you! Contact us to secure one to have a chat!