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The team at Feather Touch Aesthetics are welcoming and friendly, our goal is to put you at ease, so you feel safe while we bring your dream brows to life! Our personal approach is professional and most importantly fun.

Our Permanent Makeup Artists are located in Moonah, Hobart and specialise in bringing your dream brows to life. 

Whether it be from health conditions, over plucking or just wanting some more fluff, we have you covered.

Individually tailored brows & custom colour selection with minimal down time and super comfortable procedure you’ll be left wondering why on earth you didn’t commit sooner!

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Kristy Blazely  recommends Feather Touch Aesthetics.

I highly recommend Feather Touch Aesthetics, I am so impressed with my new eyebrows. The service is amazing and Alex was so welcoming and friendly, she has done a brilliant job in creating the most perfect brows for me working from almost no brows at all. I’ve gone from having no confidence and spending half an hour every morning to draw my eyebrows on to just walking out the door not having to worry about a thing, cant thank you enough . Amazing results

If you are looking to feel more beautiful and happy with your brows and skin so you can face the world with more confidence, then look no further. At Feather Touch Aesthetics, we believe you can achieve your brow and skincare goals regardless of your age, concerns, or skin type. 

We also know that choosing the right treatment for your concerns can often be confusing. 
We would love to make this process easy for your so you can start achieving your goals quickly by offering you a free consultation below. 

We quickly deliver our clients serious results so they can have flawless brows and skin again.  Our treatments have been trusted by thousands of clients who struggle with various brow goals and stubborn skin issues such as acne, pigmentation, acne scarring and all signs of ageing. We offer a variety of treatments that help improve every skin type and concerns so you can achieve your skincare goals and wear less makeup. 

We care deeply about getting you real results, you will be ecstatic about without having to spend a vast fortune. If you have felt frustrated by your brows and skin and want to overcome the frustration that patchy or bald brows that require too much time in the morning, or acne, pigmentation, scarring, and ageing skin causes, then don’t wait to book you free consultation below. We can’t wait to help you achieve beautiful skin so that you can feel confident wearing little to no makeup. 

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If you refer a friend they can receive $50 off their treatment and we will gift you $40 towards your next appointment.

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