Transform your entire face and finally, reclaim endless hours each year.

Introducing... Everlasting Make-Up

The ideal solution for women seeking to boost their confidence while minimising makeup use.

Choose from Effortless Eyeliner, Everlasting Brows, and Gloss & Go Lip Color.

Visit our one-of-a-kind clinic, thoughtfully designed for comfort and relaxation—a haven to unwind.

Our warm and knowledgeable team eagerly awaits the opportunity to cater to your needs.

Begin your journey with our complimentary guide: Essential Insights on Permanent Make-Up: What You Must Know Before Trusting Your Face to the Tattooing Process.

BrOw Tattoo



Includes all forms of brow tattoo

1 on 1 consultation

initial appointment

6 week review from $150

aftercare kit & guide

Discover the ultimate look that stays put, regardless of your daily activities!

Permanent makeup ensures your face remains elegantly enhanced for all occasions. Collaborate with our skilled artist to create bespoke brows tailored just for you, from microblading to ombre, powder, or combination styles.

Embrace effortless glamour in your everyday life with permanent makeup.

Each set of dream brows is uniquely crafted to complement your features and personality. Revisit us after six weeks to ensure your brows have healed beautifully!

Every appointment includes a comprehensive guide on maintaining your stunning arches, along with helpful tips and tricks.

If you've had prior work done by another artist, simply let us know, and we can determine if our style aligns with your vision!



Prices from






6 week review from $150

Searching for a long-lasting eyeliner that won't falter during your most hectic days?

Our skilled artists have got you covered, tailoring your beauty regimen to perfection!

Achieve anything from delicate definition to intense drama with our superior pigments and meticulous techniques, ensuring stunning results every time.

Bid farewell to inconsistent or uneven application; our salon's professional tattoo eyeliner offers hassle-free beauty and ultimate convenience, empowering you with unwavering confidence in any situation!

As one of Tasmania's premier permanent eyeliner specialists, Parisa is ready to bring your ideal lash line to life.

Schedule your appointment today and take a step towards achieving impeccable perfection.


Lip Blushing



Smudge Proof Lip Colour

1 on 1 consultation

Includes initial Appointment

6 week review from $150

aftercare kit & guide

Prepare for a stunning transformation! Lip tattooing offers the ideal solution for elevating your lip style. Whether you're looking to boost your lips' natural hue, refine their shape, or create a fuller appearance with perfect symmetry, our personalized treatment caters to your specific needs.

If you're seeking a gentle touch of color or a bold lipstick-like effect, simply bring your preferred shade to your appointment. Our skilled artists will collaborate with you to seamlessly replicate the desired hue, ensuring a flawless result once the healing process is complete.




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