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The perfect package for women who want to feel more confident, while wearing less make-up!

SKIN Transformations

Unlocking the Secret to Flawless Skin: Our Mission is to Help You Achieve the Results You Deserve.

GLoss & go Lip Colour

A naturally beautiful look

day after day without

the time and hassle of frequent application.


Transform your daily routine with an expertly applied Eyeliner Tattoo for a

naturally stunning look.


Get the skin you've always dreamed of; with convenient and affortable plans to suit your budget and lifestyle.


The perfect package for Those who want to feel more confident, while wearing less make-up!

SKIN Transformations

Unlocking the Secret to Flawless Skin: Our Mission is to Help You Achieve the Results You Deserve.

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GLoss & go Lip Colour

A naturally beautiful look

day after day without

the time and hassle of frequent application.


Transform your daily routine with an expertly applied Eyeliner Tattoo for a

naturally stunning look.

Are you ready to FEEL more confident, while wearing less makeup...?

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ready to FEEL more confident while wearing less makeup...?

Book Your Consultation & Embrace a Makeup Free Life.

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The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for and Caring for Your Cosmetic Tattoo

August 17, 20238 min read

You know, every time a friend asks me about my experience at Feather Touch Aesthetics, I'm reminded of the journey of getting a cosmetic tattoo. Whether it’s those perfectly arched brows, a smudge-proof eyeliner, or a lip tint that just won’t quit – the allure is undeniable. But like any good story, it’s not just about the ending; it’s about the chapters leading up to it and the ones that come after. So, pull up a chair, grab a cuppa, and let me take you through the ins and outs of caring for your cosmetic tattoos.

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Preparing Your Canvas: The Foundations of Flawless Cosmetic Tattoos👊

Imagine walking into an art gallery. Your eyes skim over various paintings, but then one catches your attention. A piece so beautifully detailed, the colors so vivid. It stands out, not just because of the artist’s skill, but because of the impeccable canvas it was painted on. Your skin, much like that canvas, lays the groundwork for the cosmetic tattoo masterpiece that is about to be created.

  • Listen to Your Skin: Just as artists feel the texture of a canvas before painting, it's essential to understand your skin’s needs and health. If there's ever a shadow of doubt about how your skin feels or looks, don't hesitate! Pop into Feather Touch for a friendly chat and consultation. Our experts are always eager to guide you, ensuring that your skin is in its prime and ready for the artwork.

  • Sun and Skin – The Tricky Relationship: Picture this: a sun-kissed tan might look fabulous now, but introducing a needle to recently tanned or sunburned skin? That's a recipe for unpredictable results. By avoiding tanning or any intensive facial treatments for a solid two weeks prior, you’re giving your skin the time it needs to be at its receptive best.

  • Navigating the World of Botox, Fish Oil, and Vitamin E: It's fascinating how seemingly unrelated things can play a role in your cosmetic tattoo journey. These agents, beloved for their health and cosmetic benefits, can also thin the blood or alter skin texture. It's best to give them a miss in the weeks leading up to your session to ensure the crispest, most vibrant tattoo outcome.

  • The 'Time of the Month' Factor: Now, here's a little secret not everyone talks about: your menstrual cycle can influence your skin's sensitivity. The days leading up to, during, and just after your period might see a spike in skin sensitivity and discomfort. To make your cosmetic tattoo experience as pleasant and painless as possible, consider scheduling around these times.

Aftercare 101: Nurturing Your Fresh Ink to Perfection

You’ve just invested time, money, and a pinch (or a few) of discomfort into getting your cosmetic tattoo done at Feather Touch Aesthetics. Now, it’s time to ensure that all that effort results in a flawless finish. It's like adopting a plant – it needs a little love, care, and the right environment to thrive. 🌱

  • The Holy Grail Guide: Remember that aftercare guide we handed over post-procedure? It isn’t just a piece of paper; it's the roadmap to impeccable healing. Keep it handy, read it often, and follow it religiously.

  • A Trip to Epic Pharmacy: This isn't just about getting any anesthetic; it’s about getting the right anesthetic. At New Town Road, you’ll find the Feather Touch 10% Gel. Specially crafted with a unique base that doesn’t interfere with your skin, it’s the secret potion that'll be your best friend during the recovery process. It’s not just good—it’s gold.

  • Keep it Pristine, Keep it Clean: Think of your new cosmetic tattoo as a delicate blossom. Exposure to irritants is like harsh sun on a new bud—it wilts. And while we’re at it, those wandering hands? Keep them away! Every touch is an invitation to bacteria. Let your tattoos breathe, let them heal. In a few days, the wait will be well worth it.

  • Time for a Mini Detox: You might love that evening glass of wine or morning cup of java, but your fresh tattoo? Not so much. Alcohol and coffee can interfere with the healing process. It’s not forever, just a short hiatus. And while you’re at it, revisit that Holy Grail Guide to check on certain medications too.

The days following your cosmetic tattooing are just as crucial as the prep. Show your new tattoos a little love and patience, and watch them bloom into the beautiful artwork you've always wanted. Your future flawless self will thank you for it! 💋🌷

Eyeliner Specifics: Pampering the Windows to Your Soul

Our eyes, those expressive beacons of our emotions, play a massive role in communication. They're central to our face, and when you decide to highlight them with a cosmetic tattoo, it's essential to be aware of the post-procedure specifics.

  • Mark Your Calendar: Eyeliner tattoos can result in a tad bit of swelling or a rosy hue around your peepers. No cause for alarm, but perhaps a reason to snuggle under a blanket, dive into that TV series you've been putting off, and indulge in some ice cream. Consider it a doctor-recommended binge-watching session. (But, remember: not an actual doctor recommendation!)

  • Lashes - Natural is the Way to Go: Think of this as a break for your lashes. Give the eyelash extensions and growth serums a rest. Why? They can interfere with the eyeliner tattooing process and the post-procedure healing. Keep it natural for about a month post-tattoo, and six weeks before your appointment.

  • Eyes Under the Knife?: Had a Lasik, cataract removal, or any other eye surgery? Give us a heads up. It’s not a deal-breaker, but we like to tread with extra caution. Your safety and the perfection of our work are top priorities.

Luscious Lips Care: The Ultimate Guide to Flaunting Your Pout

Lips speak volumes, even when they're not saying a word. If you've chosen to accentuate yours with a cosmetic tattoo, here's how you make sure they remain plump, vibrant, and absolutely stunning:

  • Filler Alert: Eager to get those lip fillers? Patience, darling. Wait for about 8 weeks before and after your lip blush procedure. Let your tattoo settle, and then you can plump them up to your heart's content.

  • Cold Sore Watch: If you've ever had a cold sore breakout – even once in your life – prep with an anti-viral medication a few days before your appointment. Why? The tattooing process might just wake up that dormant virus, and an outbreak is the last thing you need. Prevention is always better than cure.

  • Exfoliation & Moisturization: Your lips need to be in their best shape before the big day. Gently scrub them with a homemade mix of olive oil & sugar. A soft, exfoliated pout ensures better pigment application. So, pamper away!

Remember, every procedure, every stroke, every shade we apply at Feather Touch Aesthetics is done with immense care and precision. But the aftercare, darling, is up to you. And with these tips and tricks in your beauty arsenal, you're all set to flaunt those stunning results! 💁‍♀️💋👁️

There's a lot more to a cosmetic tattoo than just the day of the procedure. It's the flutter in your stomach when you book the appointment, the anticipation as the day approaches, and the meticulous care you give it afterward. It's a true commitment, a pact between you and your beauty. And with a sprinkle of patience and a dash of love, the results can be absolutely breathtaking. This isn't just a journey into enhancing your beauty; it's about amplifying how magnificent you feel every single day, both inside and out.

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Key Takeaways

🎨 Preparing Your Canvas:

  • Skin Consultation: Not sure about your skin health? Visit Feather Touch for guidance.

  • Avoid Tanning: Keep your skin natural; no tanning or facial treatments 2 weeks before.

  • Botox & Supplements: Hold off on Botox, Fish Oil, and Vitamin E a few weeks before your session.

  • Schedule Smartly: Try to avoid appointments around your menstrual cycle for comfort.

💉 Aftercare 101:

  • Feather Touch 10% Gel: Essential for recovery. Available at Epic Pharmacy on New Town Road.

  • Stay Clean: Avoid irritants and hands off your fresh tattoo.

  • Dietary Adjustments: Minimize alcohol, coffee, and specific medications for optimal healing.

👁 Eyeliner Specifics:

  • Post-Procedure Plans: Expect some swelling. Consider a couple of relaxation days post-procedure.

  • Lash Precautions: No lash extensions or growth serum in the weeks leading to and following your appointment.

  • Medical History: Had eye surgery? Consult with Feather Touch first.

💋 Luscious Lips Care:

  • Cold Sore Prevention: Take antiviral medications if you've ever had a cold sore.

  • Lip Prep: Exfoliate and moisturize. Try an olive oil and sugar scrub.

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