Perfect for clients looking for a little boost between regular treatments or for clients in search of more fast paced yet effective, budget-friendly Feather Touch Aesthetics sessions.

With the exclusion of our Teen Express and Men's Express, our Express Menu is exclusively available to clients who have recieved both an initial consultation and treatment.

Men's Express



A multitasker that exfoliates, decongests, extracts, brightens, hydrates, lifts and plumps the skin. Capable of treating multiple concerns at once, Men's Express is fast, non-invasive and pain-free — in and out.

This fully customisable treatment is suitable for all skins. A perfect introduction to dermal therapies for men wanting to target specific concerns, or for those looking to improve and conserve the health of their skin.

teen express

Teens & young adults


Empower your skin's future by addressing oily, blemished, and congested complexions. Take control of oily, blemished and clogged complexions, or simply help young people get a head start skin-caring.

Ideal for teens and young adults with congested, breakout-prone skin seeking to improve and maintain their skin's health.

We use steam to deeply cleanse the skin, softening blackheads before performing manual extractions. Then we apply a chemical peel to decongest or a clinical mask to reduce the presence of blemish-forming bacteria before following up with detoxifying masks and vitamins to hydrate and heal the skin.

15 minute peel

instant revitalisation


Be it a single layer or multiple layers, a chosen chemical peel(s) will be selected to target specific skin types and concerns.

Peels aid to exfoliate the skin whilst targeting specific skin concerns, such as
acne, congestion, dryness, age-management, and many more!




Leave the squeezing of pimples and congestion to a professional who can extract them on your behalf, both safely and efficiently.

Anyone with underlying congestion or breakouts.

Everyone’s tolerance to extractions can range in terms of discomfort but we do everything we can to extract the skin quickly and with techniques to ease discomfort.

Firming Enzyme Express



Our Firming Enzyme Express instantly brightens, lifts and firms the skin.

A blend of enzymes to gently exfoliate, soften and brighten the skin work in tandem with potent peptides to visibly firm the skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

The perfect pre event skin prep.

Alex is such a pro. She actioned my skin assessment and clinical treatment with great diligence. Such a graceful woman!

Going back again, without a doubt!

I am sure her team would be amazing too. Kudos!




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